The 2011 Workplace Employment Relations Study

We ask researchers to contact us whenever they publish research using the WERS data. We will add your publication to our bibliography. This helps to avoid any duplication among researchers. The bibliography also demonstrates the value of the survey to funders.

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Much of the Stata syntax created by the WERS Research Team in their primary analysis of the 2011 survey has been made available to those engaged in secondary analysis of the data.


This syntax will be useful to anyone wishing to extend the primary analysis in some way, as it enables users to precisely replicate the derived variables created by the WERS Research Team. This helps users to avoid uncertainty about how the Research Team has used the data, and to avoid unecessary duplication of effort.


The syntax is in Stata format (only) and has been made available in two parts:


  1. A suite of syntax files which compile data from the 2004 and 2011 surveys and construct a wide

      range of derived variables - thus creating the core Stata dataset used by the 2011 WERS

      Research Team in all of their primary analysis.


  2. A suite of syntax files which use the dataset cited above to generate all of the estimates

      reported in the 2011 WERS First Findings booklet.

Both sets of syntax files are provided as part of the WERS data deposit that can be accessed via the UK Data Service. The syntax files were added in the Fifth Edition of the deposited data. The syntax files come with documentation which explains their structure and content.

How can I get these Stata syntax files?