The 2011 Workplace Employment Relations Study

We ask researchers to contact us whenever they publish research using the WERS data. We will add your publication to our bibliography. This helps to avoid any duplication among researchers. The bibliography also demonstrates the value of the survey to funders.

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Survey Documentation

The links below provide access to the core survey documents that have been deposited along with the survey data at the UK Data Service. You can access all of these documents without registering to use the survey data.


Each of the documents below are provided as PDF files via the UK Data Service website.


The Resources section of this website contains further information to help users with their analysis of the survey data.


Survey Questionnaires


   • Employee Profile Questionnaire (EPQ)

   • Management Questionnaire (MQ)

   • Worker Representative Questionnaire (WRQ)

   • Financial Performance Questionnaire (FPQ)

   • Survey of Employees Questionnaire (SEQ)

   • Register of changes to the WERS questionnaires between 2004 and 2011


Other Documentation on the Survey Methdology


   • The Design and Administration of the 2011 WERS

   • Interviewer Handbook

   • Codebook used in editing of the EPQ/MQ/WRQ data

   • Codebook used in editing of the FPQ data

   • Codebook used in editing of the SEQ data


Documentation to Assist Users of the Survey Datafiles


   • Introductory Note to Accompany The Deposited Data Files