The 2011 Workplace Employment Relations Study

We ask researchers to contact us whenever they publish research using the WERS data. We will add your publication to our bibliography. This helps to avoid any duplication among researchers. The bibliography also demonstrates the value of the survey to funders.

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The core user-materials for the 2011 WERS are provided in the Data and Documentation section of this website. An overview of the survey method is provided in the section on Methodology.


The links below provide access to a range of other helpful resources.


   • Publications:

         • Links to the primary analysis conducted by the 2011 WERS Research Team

         • A comprehensive bibliography of all of the research publications known to contain analysis

           of the 2011 WERS and its predecessors


   • FAQs:

         • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from users of the 2011 WERS data


   • Syntax:

         • Links to the Stata syntax used by the 2011 WERS Research Team in their primary analysis


   • Time-series dataset:

         • Information about a time-series dataset containing harmonised data items from the six

           surveys in the WERS series (1980-2011)


If you still have a question after exploring these resources, and after searching the website more widely, please contact us.