The 2011 Workplace Employment Relations Study

We ask researchers to contact us whenever they publish research using the WERS data. We will add your publication to our bibliography. This helps to avoid any duplication among researchers. The bibliography also demonstrates the value of the survey to funders.

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Getting Started

The sponsors of the 2011 WERS are keen that the survey data are used as widely as possible, whether by students, academics, policy-makers or practitioners.


If you still have a question after reading all the information below, and after searching the website more widely, please contact us.

New to the Survey?

If you are completely new to WERS, you may want to do the following before accessing the data and documentation:


  1. Read our Overview of the 2011 WERS, to get a broad idea of the scope and coverage of the


  2. Glance through our summary of the Methodology of the 2011 WERS, in particular to get a better

      idea of the content of the different survey instruments.

  2. Read some of the First Findings from the 2011 WERS, to get an idea of some of the headline

      results from the survey.

  3. Consult our Bibliography of Research based on WERS, to see what other research has already

      been published using the data.

Obtaining the survey documentation

The Documentation section of this website provides access to the core survey documents, including:


   • All of the questionnaires used in the survey

   • A detailed description of the methodology of the survey

   • An introductory note for users of the survey data


You can access all of these documents without registering to use the survey data.

Accessing the survey data

The survey data collected in the 2011 WERS has been deposited with the UK Data Service (UKDS) and can be downloaded from the UKDS website for research use. Users will first need to register with the UKDS before they are given access to the data.  


Details about how to access the WERS data are provided in the Data section of this website.


What if I can't use statistical software?

If you do not have access to statistical software, there are still ways in which you can analyse the WERS data. Further details are provided in the Online Analysis section of this website.


If you would like to learn how to use statistical software, there are a variety of online guides and turorials provided by the UK Data Service. The National Centre for Research Methods also maintains a database of training courses and events.


Other helpful resources

A range of helpful resources are provided for users in the Resources section of this website. These include:


   • Links to the publications presenting the primary analysis of the 2011 WERS

   • A bibliography of other research based on WERS

   • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from users of the survey data

   • Access to the Stata syntax used by the WERS Research Team in their primary analysis